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Face it, email programs are a lot to manage. At The Wrap, our team of email marketing experts will help you develop the correct strategies to scale your email campaigns. Also we provide a full management service that will take care of all the testing, deployment, and overall management of your email marketing program. So you don’t have to.

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Scale your customer relationships

Email marketing is used by thousands of businesses of all sizes to strengthen the relationships with their customers.
  • Build a community around your brand
  • Inform customers of company announcements, new releases, special sales, etc.
  • Establish one-to-one communication with your clients 
  • Deliver targeted messages 
  • Move your prospects from one stage of your sales funnel to the next

Powerful emails

Our team will deploy smart and scalable email marketing campaign aligned with your marketing goals and the conversion stage of your prospects.

Welcome emails

Welcome emails are a great way to show your audience that you’ve received their request into your emails and that you’re excited to have them as a part of your subscriber list.

Promotional emails

One of the best ways to sell new products, tells your audience about an upcoming event or special offers is to promote them with an excitement-filled promotional email.

Weekly or monthly newsletters

These emails let previous customers know that they’re still on your list and entice them with new products and special offers.

“We haven’t seen you in a while!” emails

If someone hasn’t shopped with you in a while this emails are perfect to provide your clients with a coupon or special offer to gives them a reason to stop back.

You’ve left something behind!” emails

Cart abandonment emails, and they can help you to finally close the sale that never made it to the conversion stage.

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