Virtual Sets

In colaboration with HispanoPost we can help you create professional video productions for your favorite Livestreaming platforms:

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Cut Costs &

Improve Quality

Step up the level of your content and get the feel of a big studio without encountering the high fees associated with traditional video broadcasts.
  • Photo-realistic 3D Sets
  • HD, SD & 4K video quality
  • Facebook, YouTube, Twitch and Twitter live chat integration
  • Slow motion instant replays 
  • Up to 8 remote guests multi-video window integration

The only limit is your imagination

TV sets fully customized for any type of show or content you want to film.

Livestream your service to everyone!

Allow those that are unable to leave the house to watch your service in its entirety in real time from their phones, tables or smart Tv’s.
  • Create a great live experience for your congregation
  • Record all of your services and upload them to your website
  • Livestream from our virtual set or from your church

Livestream your classroom

Our live broadcasts allow you to incorporate images, videos and Powerpoint to help create dynamic lectures that help students retain the information presented.
  • Teach LIVE for those that are unable to leave the house
  • Allows students to go back and watch the lectures again

Create astonishing livestreams

From concerts to eSports broadcast, you can now let people from all over the world experience your events with amazing live productions.
  • Social media live chat integration
  • Multi camera broadcast
  • Direct integration with Twitch, Youtube, Telescope and Facebook live

Cost-effective productions

Produce professional looking broadcast shows fully customizable to your content, thanks to our wide variety of virtual TV sets, available for any type of productions you can imagine.
  • Multi-camera integrations
  • TV-like tickers & animated lower thirds
  • Infinite 360 degree virtual set environment

Stream your meeting and webinars to offices all over the world

With more people working off-site and from home, being able to stream your presentation or meeting is a great feature to communicate with your organization and clients simultaneously.
  • Record your meetings and events
  • Custom images, videos and Powerpoint integration
  • Up to 8 remote guests

Ready to get started?

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Premium technology

Our virtual sets are powered by the most advanced streaming technology in the market to guarantee professional quality productions that enhance viewers in the same way as if they were watching conventional TV content.

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